The mysterious continent of Xen’drik is a massive landmass that exists south of the continent of Khorvaire, beyond Shargon’s Teeth and Thunder Sea. It has recently begun to be explored by agents of the Four Nations in hopes of making profit from the relics found there amongst other natural resources.

Hidden within the wild and untamed land are the desolate ruins of the ancient Giant Civilization. The Giant Civilization was destroyed by the Dragon population of Argonnessen when they attempted to use their highly advanced devices to put down a elven slave revolt.

Aerenal Elves trace their origins to Xen’drik in the long forgotten past.

Xen’drik is now a continent mostly inhabited by drow, and degenerate Giants. It is a wild and untamed place with fabulous eldritch machines along with unimaginable treasures. It is still largely unexplored.

South of Xen’drik is the land mass of Everice.


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