Valenar is a nation that broke away from the nation of Cyre during the Last War when the mercenary elves of the Valenar subrace revolted.

The nation of Valenar is located south of the Talenta Planes and bordered on the west by the Mournland.

The nation of Valenar is primarily inhabited by the elven Valaes Tairn, and secondarily by human beings that were formerly citizens of Cyre but had very little loyalty to their parent nation. Society is very fluid in the extremely young nation, and with the exception of the crown few groups lay significant claim to the politics of the region, although House Lyrandar and the Valenar priesthood known as the Keepers of the Past exert some influence on burgeoning Valenar society. Any individual willing and able to handle a weapon for Valenar is likely to find some kind of welcome and/or employment somewhere in the country, although overly bold or well-armed visitors may be challenged by young warriors seeking to prove themselves.

Refugees fleeing from Cyre during the Mourning attempted to turn to Valenar as a haven, but were slaughtered by a mixture of human and elven inhabitants of Valenar out of fear of overwhelming their claim to the region.

The nation has tense relationships with the Talenta Plains and Karrnath.


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