The Mror Holds

The Mror Holds are known as the homeland of the dwarves. Not only is the Mror Holds one of the few dwarven lands in Khorvaire, but it is estimated that no fewer than 455,000 dwarves live there; many more than any other known location. However, the dwarves aren’t the only inhabitants of the mountainous region.

Hemmed in by the Ironroot Mountains and the Hoarfrost Mountains on both sides and the Bitter Sea to the northwest much of the establishments of the Mror Holds are located underground. To the east are the Lhazaar Principalities while the Talenta Plains and Karrnath share its western border.

The Mror Holds population consists mostly of twelve dwarven clans formed from the original exiled leaders the clans are:

Clan Noldrun has since been destroyed. Since 106 YK, Clan Kundarak has been House Kundarak and like all dragonmarked houses, has remained neutral and participates in the Iron Council of Clans only as observers, though they still govern their ancestral estates of Kundarakhold.

The Mror Holds

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