Q’Barra is mostly a dangerous frontier nation recognized by the Thronehold Accords. Originally founded by Duke Ven ir’Kesslan, a Cyran refugee the few civilized settlements continue to struggle against tribes of lizardfolk, Valenar warbands, Lhazaar raiders and Kobold marauders from the Endworld Mountains not to mention disease riddled swamp lands, dire and horrid lizards and dinosaurs. Q’barra is a land for the brave and the tenacious.

Lying on the eastern front of the Endworld Mountains and the long expanse of The Dragonreach it is easy to see why Q’barra remained untouched by civilized settlements for so long. The steamy jungles and sprawling swamplands that encompasses most of the landscape is a perfect habitat for dire and horrid animals as well as dinosaurs. The small shard of land is not completely inhospitable, however, as a small strip of fertile land lies in the southeast and other open expanses peel away from the jungle in places around the country.

Among the civilized races there are three distinct communities in the Adder Valley of Q’barra. New Galifar the last shattered bastion of the old empire shares the space with Cyran and Last War refugees. The New Galifarans are ruled by King Sebastes ir’Kesslan from the city of Newthrone with the help of a handful of noble lords. Refugees of the Last War have found themselves in a region known as Hope located in the southwest of Q’Barra. Here Elder Nevillom a veteran of the Last War acts as nominal leader over the community of refugees. Wyrmwatch is the most established city of this area having existed for about three years. Finally Cyran refugees carve out existance in both of these communities.

In addition to the civilized races there is a large contingent of lizardfolk tribes spread across Q’barra. The Blackscale Lizardfolk are hostile to the common races in Q’barra and bully the other lizardfolk tribes of the nation. They reside in the jungles around Haka’torvhak devoted to the black dragon Rhashaak. The Poisondusk Lizardfolk are spread throughout the northern regions of Q’barra and also revere Rhashaak, however their relationship with the Blackscales is more a humbled respect to the chosen warriors. Lastly the Cold Sun tribes are a coalition of 24 lizardfolk tribes that live in the north and east of the nation. Only seven of these tribes have territories that border the civilized settlements. Their relationship with the civilized races varies from tribe to tribe some embracing the civilized settlements and others living in fear of them.


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